Mar 24, 2018

Ben Martin Describes How to Raise your Occupancy Rates by 10% and other Trends

Ben Martin Describes How to Raise your Occupancy Rates by 10% and other Trends

AECOM Economics Senior Director Ben Martin describes what he is seeing as current trends in real estate and how properties can raise their average occupancy rates in this video.

Go Native's Paula Cullen Discusses What it Means to Live Like a Local

Go Native Director of Sales & Distribution discusses why it's an exciting time to be in the industry. You truly can live like a local. Nowadays it's traveler's choice. One can choose be truly be a part of a neighborhood. Learn how Suppliers like GoNative are trusting BridgeStreet to fill their vacancy across the globe.

ReLocate Magazine's Fiona Murchie Discusses how BridgeStreet Gives Travel Managers Peace of Mind

ReLocate Magazine's own Managing Editor Fiona Murchie understand the trials and tribulations of Relocation Agents and Travel Managers first hand. Watch as she describes, in this video, how BridgeStreet can take some of the weight of managing travel for employees off of the travel manager's shoulders.

Carine Bonnejean of Christie & Co: What Banks do and don't Know About Serviced Apartments

As Head of Consultancy for Hotels at Christie & Co., Carine Bonnejean uncovers what she believes banks understand about the serviced apartment sector. She also discusses topics about which she believes banks may need to be more educated.

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