Jan 20, 2020

Home2 by Hilton and Homewood Suites Global Head Mr Adrian Kurre discusses how his company came to understand the needs of extended stay guests and how this changed their suite prototype. 

Glenn Haussman:               Welcome back to heretostay.tv brought to you by bridgestreet.com. I'm with Paul Rands, the VP of Development with Bridge Street Global Hospitality. They've got an exciting newish brand called Mode Aparthotel, but what is an apartment hotel? It's not an apartment, it's not a hotel, what is it?

Paul Rands:                            Well Aparthotel for us and for Mode, is taking our serviced apartment products, the living four star and enhancing it for our guests. Giving them social space, somewhere to meet, to work, a fitness suite, we've got a wine corviner, come and have a glass of wine with us in the evening. Good coffee machine. So really enhancing that offer for our clients as they come stay with us.

Glenn Haussman:               So it's a real hybrid kind of between a hotel and an apartment. Gives people a little bit more of a, in the space, in the neighborhood, living kind of a feel, with the conveniences of an apartment.

Paul Rands:                            That's right. And really important for us actually when we were coming up with the Mode concept, was taking that and making sure we got the apartment space on the upper floors that is there for people who are staying for a longer period. So it's a good size apartment, they can come stay with us for three, six, nine months, or even for one night.

Glenn Haussman:               Wow, from one night to three to six months. So what are people saying about Mode? How are they responding to this concept that's so new to consumers and developers?

Paul Rands:                            Okay, look, I think owners, investors, developers, are always looking for a diversification. Hotels has been an alternative sector. I think what we've done now with Mode is that we're giving them something slightly different. We're entering that hybrid between the apartment and a residential space and hotels and it's diversifying their portfolios, but also, it's an interesting space and it's an interesting talking point. We got owners that are really interested. The great economies of scale that we can drive. We bring about 80 percent of the business directly through our website and our direct global sales teams. So it's a really great efficient product.

Glenn Haussman:               80 percent, that's huge. That's a lot more than a traditional franchise delivers to owners and operators, which is pretty impressive stuff right there. So before we wrap up, tell us where are you now? Where are you headed to? What can people expect for the future of Mode Aparthotel?

Paul Rands:                            Well we got great momentum now. First one opens in Paris in December this year. We've got Edinburgh opening in March next year. Washington D.C. following after that. We've got another two or three in legal contracts at the moment. We hope to be announcing very soon. More coming through and we're hoping to see more out of this week as we get leads. I've just had a conversation about Madrid right here, so it's coming your way, definitely.

Glenn Haussman:               Great. I may or may not know where some of these properties are coming and I think you guys have a lot to look forward to in the future. I want to thank you for watching heretostay.tv. I'm Glenn Haussmann. 

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