Jan 20, 2020

Declan Fitzhenry Operations Manager at Citystay Limited chats with our Hospitality Expert own Glenn Haussman about the serviced Apartment Sector's eager anticipation of an online travel agency built-for-business and how BridgeStreet has changed the game for Travel Managers and Relocation Agents alike.

Glenn:                     Hey everybody, welcome back to Here To Stay TV. I'm with Declan Fitzhenry of City Stay Limited and we're talking about bridgestreet.com, the brand new OTA that's here to create opportunity for all the folks with serviced apartments. Tell us a little bit about your company so we can understand where you're coming from.

Declan:                   We are a Cambridge-based serviced apartment provider in the UK, so just 45 minutes from London. We've been providing serviced apartments to the corporate industry for the last eight years now, and this new channel really is something that industry and the sector's been missing for at least the last two years. It's something that we've been looking for, something that we've been wanting, and I'm really pleased that BridgeStreet brought this to the market. Hopefully the next 12 months to 2 years is going to find out how it's going to go. We're happy to be on board with it.

Glenn:                     Do you feel like more people are going to be able to get an understanding on what this business is all about because of bridgestreet.com?

Declan:                   I think that's one of the major challenges for the sector as a whole and if this channel and this site can further the message of the benefits of serviced apartments, then yeah, of course, it's going to do it.

Glenn:                     Excellent, and that's what it's all about, bringing opportunity to folks like Declan over here. I'm Glenn Haussman for Here To Stay TV. Thanks for watching.

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